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(1) Want to get back on your feet? Miss a couple car payments!

(2) How to stop the repo man? Pay your car payment!

(3) What should you do if a repo man comes to repossess your car? Let him! You can always call the bank later.

(4) Your health is worth more than a car: stay safe.

(5) Are you having financial problems? Call your bank today, right now, and discuss the problems. Most banks are more than happy to work with their customers, but it is your responsibility to tell your bank that the problems exist.

This site gives information about vehicle repossession laws and practices that are common in the state of Texas, but may also be applicable to most other states as well.

Repo Home - The page that you are currently on.

Repo Laws - A short list of laws for repossession companies and for vehicle owners.

Repo Questions and Answers - Answers to questions asked about laws and repossessions.

First Repo - An article about a person repossessing their first vehicle.

How to Become a Repo Man - Some good basic information about the repossession business and how to become - or avoid becoming - a repo man. - A website is an important investment for repo companies. Take a look at some different website layouts. My customers' sites are #1 on search engines for their keywords.

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